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CLex Pass the Story

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Chapter 42 [10 Dec 2007|12:54pm]
Martha leaned against her kitchen sink and watched Jonathon working out in the fields, worrying that he was working himself too hard with Clark ... in Gotham. Her boys... her poor boys - Jon, Clark, and now... Lex. There was no point in denying it, in her heart, the minute he'd shown his love for Clark, he'd become her boy as well. Not quite a son, but as dear to her as she'd once imagined a daughter in law to be, and now they were all suffering, and her baby the most. As she thought about the pain that her family was drowning in, quiet tears rolled down her cheek. She had been so strong until now, when she had to be for Jon or Lex or her baby, but it was too much and her tears wouldn't stop but instead built into wracking sobs that had her gripping the sink for strength.

"Martha..." the familiar but unwelcome voice of Lionel Luthor asked from just behind her. There might have been a touch of concern in his voice, but ....
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Chapter 41 [15 Nov 2007|11:54am]
"I won't." He promised. "I won't try to run to him again. I promise. I don't want anyone to get hurt because of me,
 but I was listening to everything you said." He paused briefly glancing up with tear filled eyes so Lex could see his sincerity
before he continued, "But, if he does get me... I don't know if ... If I can - resist him; don't know why I've been wanting ...
 craving that feeling, the release of hurting myself and in letting him hurt me. I don't want to give in to him
. I don't want to, but..."

He broke off when his throat seemed to blocked by tears to let him speak.

"But?" Lex prompted quietly, knowing the answer, but knowing that Clark needed to answer it for himself.

"I don't know if I'm strong enough." Clark sighed into his arms.

Edge smirked as he listened to Kent's fears over the bug that his man had planted on Wayne's butler. Wayne and Luthor might be a problem, if only because they seemed to be taking far too keen an interest in Kent. Wayne less so, however, because the bug had made clear his weaknesses - the old man and his ward. Both open and available targets if the need to pull Wayne down arose, and the boy... Wayne's ward... he had his own special appeal. If it came to a confrontation, he'd have no problem at adding Grayson to his collection - a matched pair of dark haired boys begging for his attentions had a great deal of appeal in fact. Something to consider if things settled enough that he could risk antagonizing Wayne, who seemed to have secrets and formidable allies that he couldn't access. It was better to leave Wayne alone for the present.

Lex on the other hand...
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Greatest Journal [27 Jul 2007|02:40am]


I have created a mirror community there.
If you have a GJ, please join!
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Chapter 40 [05 Jun 2007|12:30pm]

Right, this installment is by the FABULOUS dianehc, but as she has had trouble posting, I'm gonna do it!

I'm so happy to see SOMETHING finally added to this after what seems like so long!

"Anytime, Clark," Lex murmured with a soft smile as he dropped his chin onto Clark's shoulder.

"Now, let's open the door and ..." Lex trailed off as he felt Clark stiffen slightly. "Clark?"

"He's not going to be happy, is he?" Clark's plaintive voice was muffled against Lex's neck causing him to repress a reaction that he could well tell Clark wouldn't be ready to handle. If his breath sounded a tad huffy as he answered, at least, Clark was a bit to distracted with his own worries to notice.

"Bruce... Happy? I don't know if I've ever seen Bruce quite in a mood you'd call happy, but I doubt that he'll be much more than miffed." Lex assured his friend, arching his eyebrow as his friend appeared at the end of the hall, and he continued, "Beside that, Bruce would be a bit hypocritical if he puts up too much of a fuss about it - having done the same thing to me, at least twice."

"And yet," Bruce's began in a terse tone that only softened when he noticed Clark's flinch, "I find it ironically unpleasant when the same is done to me. Look, Kid, I understand your intentions, but you have to understand one thing: you are never to....
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[02 Apr 2007|11:05am]

"Not recently... At least not in the past two years."
Lex waited with a gentle
smile as Clark look up at him in awe.

Gazing into Clark's eyes he was able to see so many conflicting
emotions struggling for dominance. There was fear, self-loathing,
 and doubt... emotions that he himself was very familiar with...
but there was also the compassion for the pain he had been through
and the love he was just beginning to recognize and believe...
and, most importantly, there was a sliver of something thathad been missing
from his dearest friend for far too long... hope.

Hope that he was worth more than he believed himself to be...
Hope that he could survive this as Lex had before him...
Hope that the love he was feeling could possibly be returned...

And it was this hope that made Lex believe that they would survive.
That they would get through this. That separately they were both strong
but together they would be invincible. (From Part 38).

Part 39

Bruce Stepped away from the door when he heard Lex and Clark's discussion drift off into silence. He realized of course why Lex had been upset, but still did not regret the tone he had taken with Clark earlier. They were dealing with Edge and Lionel... two men who were equally dangerous as the Joker without the forgiveble insanity as an excuse... Men who had a vested interest in attacking Lex, and (if he was interpreting the footage Lex had shown him) at least one of them had a vested interest in Clark.

While Bruce had carefully restricted his interactions with Edge, he had studied both the man and his organization for years - just as he had studied Lionel - just as he had with everyone who seemed to pose a threat to his friend.  (Admittedly, the boy had slipped under his radar, but he brushed that off lightly - he simply hadn't considered a slightly enamored, impoverished, boyscout-like gawky - teen (as Lex had described him) to be a threat, and knew that Edge didn't either. That wasn't why Edge was a danger to the boy.

No, from the video stream that Lex had shown him, Edge clearly didn't consider Clark a threat. Bruce was certain that, in Edge's mind, Clark was little more than a possession. Something owned and owned by him- which was all the more dangerous for Clark. If Clark had been a threat, there might have been a way of persuading Edge to back off... if only to reconsider his options. But his property? Edge was well known for never letting go of his property - not even to sell it or ransom it. Once it became his, Edge would sooner destroy it himself than watch anyone else take possession of it. The ramifications were....
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Part 38 [31 Mar 2007|10:49am]

[ mood | uhhh... hi ]

Later, when Martha had retired for the night and Lex was on the road back to Metropolis, Clark heard a rapping at his door and he followed the silent signals his host gave him to follow down the hall.

Once having entered a large library, Bruce turned and said, “I am satisfied with your status, as stated.”

Clark frowned a bit then said with some confusion, “Uh, okay.”

“I give you my oath not to share your secret with anyone,” Wayne added, with dour sincerity.

“Thank you, Mr. Wayne,” Clark replied, just as solemnly.

“I am choosing to share my secret with you,” Wayne added, and Clark raised his brows in some surprise.

Continuing, Wayne demanded, “And I expect your utter discretion in return.”

Clark met Wayne in the eyes and gave a terse nod in the affirmative.

Upon Bruce’s playing a particular random sequence of notes on the library’s piano, a side of the bookcase slid open and Wayne gestured for Clark to follow him within. (from Part 37)


Bruce stared back into the teen's eyes with no little shock. He had hardly expected to see glaze of awe in Kent's eyes. After their difficult discussion, earlier, Bruce of course had done quite a bit of research on his own to discover that the child had been showing the promising start of his own career as a hero. Even in the Smallville Ledger, there had been too many reports of the boy intimately involved with dangerous situations that inexplicably came to a halt with the perpetrator undermined and the victim saved. Yet, the town and the sheriff had seemed to turn a blind eye toward the boy, where in other situations, in other towns, he would have been in all likelihood painted as a suspect as Bruce himself had many times.

"You- you're ... Batman?!?" The surprise and awe in his tone had Bruce wondering if he'd be asked for his autograph in a second.

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Shameless Pimpin: But I asked Beloved first! XP [29 Mar 2007|01:36am]

[ mood | Oh please! ]

I'm pimping out my community, Clex Weekly, which is a Clex newsletter. Currently, only articles about recent episodes is active, but we hope to have these activities started up shortly: Contests (We have one running right now), Episode Summaries for each Season, Fictions, and other Clex related news.

You can find use here:




Our contest right now is a Journalist contest, because I can't always do articles and we only have over 10 members. And according to them so far, they really like it, which I never expected once I started it.

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New Mod and Notice of Memory changes. [02 Feb 2007|02:26pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Not to long ago, Beloved decided to make me a Mod since I put her on my communities and we agreed whenever the other was away, we would maintain all the communs. Well I promised to fix up the memories before I got sick, I'm still sick, but I'm finally getting to it! 

When I read the chapters in the memory I noticed that they were disorganized and I'm quite a bit OCD. I told Beloved that I would do it for her and that's what I plan on starting right now. So basicially chapters with only one paragraph will be merged into one big one, depending on the word count. When the entries are edited I will have a note at the top of what chapters were combined and who wrote what, just so no one goes crazy on me. Hopefully this will help some of you who don't have any document programs to read the story better. Goodday!

All comments on this are appreciated.

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Membership [19 Jan 2007|02:49pm]

Right: everyone I can ever remember posting on this community is still here (I hope).
However, if I cannot remember you ever having posted a contribution to the story, your membership has been removed.

If there is anyone I have deleted who has contributed, I apologise, and will reinstate as soon as informed.

Thank You.

Your Moderator
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Welcome, and explanation for upcoming chapter 38 [03 Jan 2007|06:13pm]

First of all... HAPPY NEW YEAR!!
I hope all my members had a nice holiday season, whatever holiday you celebrate!

As you may have noticed, we have another new member in the form of the FABulous rose_etta.
She has written a loverly long addition - so long that I declared it a chapter in its own right. So, the pre-requisite 5 comments are not necessary, just start Chapter 38 as a new posy, whoever gets inspired first!

With hope that THIS year the story may finally be completed.

Your Mod.
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[07 Dec 2006|08:20pm]

Pass the Story
Chapter 37
By Rose etta

“‘Recovery’,” Bruce mused to himself as he dialed a number slowly, “What does it mean?” He settled himself into his command chair, deep below the mansion, secluded from all chance of his call being overheard.

TheCollapse )
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New Member. [18 Nov 2006|01:59pm]

[ mood | I'm going to scor my brain! ]

Heylo Beloved! If this isn't allowed, delete me.
Since you have been a great muse/beta/friend/newly appointed Mod on Cloudless Clex, I have finally gotten my butt over here! I got into Smallville around the 3rd season and the Clex hit me a week later! I know almost everything about the ComicVerse, so feel free to contact me for questions about it.

Honestly, the first half of the bio I didn't get, but I'll ask you about it later on MSN...

I will most definitely contribute, but I need to go through all the chappies first, feel out the anguish! XD So once I finish, I'll see if I can come up with a chapter, that hopefully isn't complete crapola.

Goodday. ^_^

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Summary 1-10 [29 Oct 2006|01:23am]

This summarises Chapters 1 - 10 of this first clex_pass_story.
Written almost in note format, but should give all the basic info needed.
If they inspire anyone to want to read the entire story thus far, email me offlist (belovedplank@hotmail.com) and I'll send you the word doc.

Chapters 1-10Collapse )
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Summary Explanation [29 Oct 2006|01:18am]


The story has once again started to stagnate somewhat, once again down to just myself and diane - and even we are feeling somewhat disheartened.

thus, in an attempt to jog memories, and to inspire new members, I am adding something else to the memories section: Chapter summaries.
Each chapter is to be summarised - giving enough info that a new member would be able to follow the story, without having to read the entire thing (at 36 chapters, its over 130 pages!).

So, I have started to summarised chapters 1-20, and diane has kindly offered to summarised 30+
- any kind members willing to offer to summarised 21-30?


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Part 36 [02 Oct 2006|11:50am]

Much to Bruce's displeasure, Alfred forced the issue that he had been trying to plot and plan his way through without a great deal of success.

"You must step in!" His mentor challenged him after leaving Lex in the recovery room.

"I already have." Bruce started to forestall without success.

"No, an unidentified man took Clark from Edge under the guise that it was some sort of job. Neither Bruce Wayne nor the Batman have stepped in, and both must if those two young men and the family they care about are to survive."

"I'm not ready to do that, Alfred." Bruce's comment came to an abrupt halt as he read the anger in the olderman's face. Trying to deflect some of that anger, he began again, "I intend to, but I don't have enough information, yet."

Alfred's eyebrows arched suspisciously before he turned on his heel and walked toward the door with an air of determination that worried Bruce.

"Alfred, where are you going?"

"To make arrangements for you to get the information you need." The former spy answered, leaving no room for determination as he took the last few steps to the door and disappear.

Grimacing as he dropped his head in his hands, Bruce began to wonder...
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[08 Sep 2006|12:26pm]

My Interests Collage!Collapse )
Create your own! Originally Written By ga_woo, Hosted and ReWritten by darkman424
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Part 35 [30 Aug 2006|11:34am]

When Lex returned to Clark's room, his friend was sniffling in his sleep, tucked into his mother's good shoulder as she stretched out beside him propped up on several large soft pillows that Alfred found in a guest room.

Standing nervously at the door, Lex didn't know how to proceed. Even if Jonathan wasn't as angry with him as he should have been, Martha would be. He wasn't entirely certain if she'd even want him around Clark anymore, and the thought hurt almost more than he could stand.

"Lex, ....
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Part 34 [06 Aug 2006|01:24am]

"And, I..." Clark broke off suddenly as more disjointed memories began to filter through.

"I... he... Edge... then" Clark was struggling with his hands and thoughts to describe what had happened when his mother stepped into the door way, supported by his father.

Jerking in reaction to the shift in light from behind them as they blocked the door Clark turned to look at his new visitors, paled, and broke out into a keening cry: "Mmmmooommmmmm...
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Part 33 [15 Jul 2006|01:32pm]

For the first time in years, Dominic hesitated. He was surprised by Lex – he had obviously underestimated him. Lex’s friendship with Bruce Wayne was apparently closer than he had thought, Dom had never considered Lex calling him for his assistance. Dominic paled as he realised that Wayne’s involvement also increased the possibility that Clark had already been found – which meant…
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Part 32 [27 Jun 2006|03:23pm]

Before I get to that, I just want to make a slight modification to the normal posting rules:
dianehc pointed out to me that, due to installments getting posted as comments, it could sometimes go 10 weeks (sometimes more) between posts, from the beginning of a chapter to the 10th comment installment.
Thus, we came to the conclusion that, from now on, each chapter will consist of FIVE comment installments - the fifth of which must end on a complete sentence in such a way that a new chapter can be started. theoretically speaking, I hopw this means that more posts will appear on pplz friends lists more frequently.
Now, on with Part 32.....

“Of course, thank you Lex, thank you so much for saving my baby.”
Hearing that, hearing the gratitude in Martha’s voice, Lex felt the guilt wash over him as he glanced down at the broken shell of his best friend in his lap. “Martha….
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